Samsung S10 Key Visual Hero image

Client: Samsung

Samsung launches a range of products and hosts various events every year, which necessitates a new visual identity system for each. As teams in over 70 countries are involved, clear and concise guidance is crucial, both in verbal and visual formats. Apart from establishing launch and event guidelines, I have also overseen the brand implementation for three significant brand refreshes across a decade.

  • System strategy
  • Guideline design
  • Key Visual extension
  • Codification of rules
  • Copywriting
  • Stock photography licensing
  • Custom font development / testing
  • Color testing (digital + print)
  • ADA color compliance
Over 100 guidelines/ Brand refreshes/
Product launches/ Store launches/ Olympic events

Guidance ensures key visuals and photography
are globally consistent in motion, digital
and print across a multitude of format sizes.

Samsung S10 Out of Home image example

Samsung Galaxy S10 print layout example

Samsung Galaxy S10 various print size format examples

Samsung Galaxy S10 Out of Home Print example

The Team

My Role: Implementation Director
Agency: Turner Duckworth, San Francisco

Creative Team: Chris Garvey (EDC), John Bedford (CD), Carolyn Ashburn, Alice Koswara, Thom Pastrano, Carolina Portella, Jenny Joe, Hollis Griffith, Alex Palatano
Photo Editing: Giovanna Giordano

Implementation Designers: Josh Michels, Sara Scanlan
Production Director: Craig Snelgrove
Production Design: Jeff Enslen
Account Team: John Winkleman, Jordan Bosse
Global Production: Cheil Worldwide