Client: TAE Technologies

TAE is on a mission to bring abundant clean energy to the grid—for everyone. This complex brand required an elegant visual system and guidance to function across three internal divisions and two audiences—commercial and scientific. Working closely with TAE and our internal teams (strategy, design, motion, UI, and Dev), I led the build of a custom brand portal that hosts guidance, assets, and inspiration, allowing TAE to easily access and evolve as their brand grows.

  • System strategy
  • Portal design
  • Codification of rules
  • Copywriting
  • Stock photography licensing
  • Color testing (digital + print)
  • ADA color compliance
  • Brand asset management
Custom brand portal / Brand templates / Brand assets / Social media launch kit

A decision tree system guides users to scientific
or commercial guidance within the brand portal.

TAE decision tree example visual example for the Scientific and Commercial guidance

TAE type style example for Scientific and Commercial use



A flexible set of templates for social
media, design, layouts, and presentations
was created to successfully launch TAE’s
new brand to their specific audiences.

TAE layout grid examples

TAE layout examples

The Team

My Role: Global Implementation Director
Agency: Butchershop Creative

Creative: Ben McNutt (EVP), Chandler Oseland (Lead Designer), Caroline Jones, Cody Beard

Digital Design: Aitor González, VP, Kyle Harrison
Motion: Anton Gammerschmidt
Content: Christina Cooksey (VP), Myles Soderstrom
Dev: Hector Garcia, CIO, Jesús Lizárraga,
Fernando Barraza Quintero
Account: Claire Williams